Saturday, April 13, 2013

Making group chat in Pidgin to blink flash

Making group chat in pidgin to blink when somebody types in the group chat
Getting noticed if someone types in group chat of pidgin
Flash Notification of pidgin group chat
Notification methods for message in group chat window
Flash blink new chat window in pidgin

  1. Activate the pidgin buddy list window
  2. Click Tools > Plugins
  3. select "Messenger Notification"
  4. click Configure plugin button
  5. Wait for the pop up window to open
  6. click checkbox for Chat windows
  7. also click checkbox for IM windows if you want notification for individual chat IM
  8. click checkbox for flash window under Notification Methods sections 
  9. click close.

Now whoever types a new message in group chat, you will be notified in the system bar, just the way by default how you would get notified when you receive new messages in independent chat windows with single persons.


  1. Thank you very much for this. I have tried and tried to see why this didn't work. I finally gave up and went to Spark. Although I like Spark, the company started with Pidgin so I want to have it if anyone comes to me with a problem. This was spot on. I am nitpicking here. On step #3 it is select "Message Notification". Not 'Messenger'.

  2. very helpfull..