Tuesday, October 19, 2010

QTP Action Parameters

QTP Action Parameters

When you are adding new actions in a Action-driven framework,
make sure if the action is taking input parameters or not.

If it is taking Input parameters , you can insert input parameters by selecting Action Properties
click Parameters tab, click on + button, type the parameter name, its type and click OK

Important points on QTP Actions

  1.  By default, Action is reusable action.
  2. All functions defined inside action are local to that action only.
  3. When you insert new action, Action2 is executed only after Action1 which is already created.
  4. Each action created has its own Datatable and Object Repository specific to Action.
  5. Action0 folder is created for each QTP test, when you open script.mts in Action0 folder,
 you can see
RunAction Action1, OneIteration by default.

QTP when it startsrunning a Test, it actually reads "script.mts" from Action0 and calls respective Actions sequentially mentioned in the file.

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